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DELETE /v2/sites{/domain}

Scope: deploy

Unpublish a site. This removes all configuration data and files associated with the site.

Returns 200 upon success, with an empty body.

PUT /v2/sites{/domain}

Scope: deploy

Deploys a site by the given domain. Optionally provide files and a configuration.

If the domain value is invalid, a 400 status is returned. If the site is owned by another user, a 403 status is returned.

Content type of the request must be multipart/form-data.

The configuration field contains JSON data of the host options. A 400 status is returned if the data does not comply with the @commonshost/configuration host JSON Schema.

There are constraints on the number of individual files as well as the total size of all files.

One or more directory fields contain all files to be deployed. The filename may contain a relative path, as per the webkitdirectory attribute. Any previously hosted files for the domain are removed. To update or remove only a single file, see the /v2/sites{/domain}/files{/file} endpoint.

If a new certificate is required, it will be issued asynchronously.

The response message is also published as a notification.

Returns 200 upon success with an object containing the published domain.

  type: 'site-deploy',
  domain: 'example.net',
  isNewDomain: true,
  hasNewFiles: true,
  hasNewConfiguration: true

GET /v2/sites

List all sites owned by the authenticated user.

    modified: '2020-02-20T02:20:02.202',
    userId: 'auth0|1234567890',
    domain: 'example.net'
    modified: '2020-10-10T10:10:10.101',
    userId: 'auth0|abcdef',
    domain: 'example.com'