🐑 Commons Host




Run commonshost if you globally installed. Run npx commonshost if you locally installed.

Table of Contents

Create an account

$ commonshost signup

? Email address: someone@example.net
? Username: someone
? Password: ***************
 ✔ Registering account
 ✔ Creating new authentication token
 ✔ Saving credentials

Use an existing account

$ commonshost login

? Username or email address: someone
? Password: [hidden]
 ✔ Authenticating
 ✔ Saving token

Deploy a static web site

$ commonshost deploy --domain example.net --root ./ --confirm

To cancel, press Ctrl+C.


   Directory:  /Users/someone/blog/public
   File count: 14
   Total size: 24 kB
   Options:    default
   URL:        https://example.net

 ✔ Uploading

Deployment successful!